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Step 1 – Register for the Platinum Club

1: Sign up to Platinum Club.

IMPORTANT: At this time no physical cards can be used with the system, so all customers must select ‘No’

2: Fill out the ‘Your details’ form and press ‘Continue’.
First Name, Last Name and Email are all required fields.

Please Note: Each Email address and Mobile Phone number can only be registered to the Platinum Club once.
Potential Error: When completing Email and Email Confirmation the system will say ‘Values must equal’ if there is a capitalisation difference i.e. hello does not equal Hello.

3: Next enter your Date of Birth and press ‘Continue’. Please note you must be over 60 years old to sign up.

4: Agree to terms and conditions to continue (which you can read via the link)
You need to Opt-in for Email marketing in order to receive exclusive special offers and discounts.

5: Once registered customers will be sent the following example email:

This email contains your new Platinum Club Loyalty Number which can now be linked to the Castle Carvery App.
Your pin is only required if you want to check you points balance via our website rather than using the app.

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3