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Step 3 – Link your Platinum Club Number to the App

1: Now you are signed in and registered as a Platinum Club member you can link your accounts together.
To begin go to ‘My Platinum Club Number’


3: To add a Platinum Club loyalty number first add the Loyalty Number you were emailed and then the email address it was sent to in Step 1.
IMPORTANT: To verify your Loyalty Card the email address used to sign up for the app and Platinum Club MUST be the same.

You will now be able to view your Platinum Club number via the ‘My Platinum Club Number’ section.

This will show your loyalty number and a QR Code which the server can scan.
You will also automatically receive points when you order via the app.

‘VIEW MY BALANCE’ is where you will see your current Point Balance which should be 500 sign-up bonus points.
Below is a list of items you can exchange your points for, to do this ask your server to apply an offer when ordering in person.

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